The Spurlock Specialty Tool You've Been Begging For


A Piano Tuner is pleased to announce that we are adding the very popular "Squeegie Type" soundboard cleaners designed by Bill Spurlock to our growing line of Spurlock Specialty Tools. We've received so many requests for this item from customers who want keep their Grand Piano soundboard clean with these tool that reach all areas of the soundboard.


Click above for video demo. 


Made of brass with felt-covered blades, they allow you to quickly and efficiently dust soundboards by going directly between the strings -- with no risk of scratching the soundboard. To remove the dust from the cleaner, use a vacuum each time it is used. For very dusty boards, you can also use the tool as a "push rod" to direct a cloth such as our Cory Mega Duster (#C-MD1) through the area.


TIP: For heavier cleaning, try using the Spurlock tools to push a Cory Excalibur Cloth (#C-EX16) dampened with Cory All-Brite, Murphy's Oil Soap, or water. Do not wet the felt itself. These cleaners are intended as dust cleaners or push rods only.


Kit include all 3 sizes of cleaners, each designed to work in a particular area:

  2-1/2" blade with 5" handle for high  treble, bass bridge aprons, etc.

Medium:  3-3/4" blade with 6" handle for tenor and treble sections and damper guide rails.


Large:  3-3/4" blade with 22" handle for reaching under bass strings and through plate holes to the back side of the bridge.


Kit also includes a large piece of replacement self-adhesive felt that you can cut and apply, to ensure many years of continued use.


#SST-104  Spurlock Soundboard Cleaners
$74.00 + $5.00 s&h