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Electronic Drum Set

A complete 5-piece electronic kit packed with features at a price that'll allow you to explore electronic drumming without the steep price tag of most kits!

The Yamaha DTXPLORER is an electronic drum set that brings Yamaha's renowned electronic drum technology within reach of the beginner, hobbyist, and educator. The 5-piece electronic drum kit features high-impact single-zone rubber pads with natural feel and rebound, a kick pedal, hi-hat controller module, rack, and coded cabling for easy set-up.

At the heart of the DTXPLORER is its compact trigger module, with a 16-bit/32-note polyphony tone generator that produces amazingly realistic, physically modeled voices. Choose from 214 drum and percussion sounds, 22 preset songs, and 32 preset drum kits covering rock, funk, jazz, reggae, and Latin styles. An array of onboard digital effects let you tweak your sound to your liking. Create and store up to 10 custom kits. The module also includes the Groove Check practice feature, a multifunction metronome, backlit LCD display, and simple plug-and-play connections. Auxiliary and MIDI inputs expand the kit's versatility, allowing you to connect to a PC or other device. The headphone output allows quiet practice.

32 Factory Kits, 10 User Kits, 214 Voices
The 32 factory-programmed kits give you a wide variety of kits that can be used in almost any musical situation. The 10 user kits allow you to build custom kits using any of the 214 voices for your particular needs as a musician.

Groove Check with Rhythm Gate
The DTXPL module has Yamaha's popular Groove Check function, but takes it to the next level as a learning tool. You can engage the Rhythm Gate so that when you play out of time the module will mute the drums until you get back in time with the click.

Multi Zone Inputs
The snare input will accept a three-zone pad (not included) giving you the head, rim shot, and cross stick sounds. The cymbal inputs will accept dual zone cymbals and allow cymbal choking.

Includes a Bass Drum Pedal
The DTXPL comes complete with an FP-6210 strap drive pedal so you don't have to purchase a pedal separately.


Yamaha DTXPLORER Electronic Drum Set Features:

  • High-impact single-zone rubber pads with natural feel and rebound
  • Kick pedal
  • Hi-hat controller
  • 16-bit/32-note polyphonic tone generator
  • 214 drum and percussion sounds
  • 22 preset songs
  • 32 preset kits in various styles
  • 10 User Kits
  • Create and store up to 9 kits
  • Onboard digital effects
  • Auxiliary and MIDI inputs
  • Headphone output
  • Groove Check with Rhythm Gate
  • Multi Zone Inputs

    Complete Five Piece Electonic Drum Kit
  • 1 snare pad
  • 3 tom pads
  • 1 kick pad
  • 1 hi-hat cymbal pad
  • 2 cymbal pads
  • 1 bass drum pedal

An economical way to get yourself a quality Yamaha electronic kit.
Product #: 490906 ...... Electronic Drum Set ...
$799.00 + $20.00 S&H


Speed and power in a simple design.

Prowler pedals were designed to be clean and simple with quick response. Single-chain cam drive action delivers time-tested performance.

Gibraltar Prowler Single Pedal Features:

  • Single pedal
  • Single-chain cam drive system
  • Rocker hub with hook and bearing
  • Easy key access hoop clamp
  • ROCK plate with Velcro base
  • Dual-surface beaters

Travel light and groove hard with the Prowler single.

Product #: 490044 .. Pedal . $69.99 + $5.00 s&h


  PLAY DRUMS NOW volume 1
You DO NOT need to have a drum-set to use this technique.
Play in ONE DAY, Guaranteed!
Finally, this newly released method is now available to show you how to Play Drums Now. With this EBook, learn how to play with any of your favorite songs, and perform like a seasoned player in less time than you have ever dreamed of !


This book was written with the novice percussionist in mind. No previous musical experience is required to constructively make your way through this self-instruction course. Basic rhythm reading principles and fills are illustrated and discussed. Drumming concepts are introduced progressively, so that; provided you stay with it; you will gain a solid foundation for drumming technique and overall musicianship.

Product #: mb94494............Book............
$4.95 + $2.00 s&h


This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to play drum set. It will teach you the most popular techniques used in modern music using a clear, step-by-step process. No previous musical experience is necessary to be successful with this method. You will learn rock, swing, jazz, and country styles along with drum music reading, counting, and proper drum setup.

This course was developed and is taught by Gene Holter. Gene taught band in public schools for 12 years and has played drums professionally for over 25 years.

A free booklet is enclosed to assist with the material.

Product #: mb94285DVD..............60 min. DVD.........
$14.95 + $2.00 s&h


This wall chart gives an overview of the important fundamentals and technical foundations of drumming. Topics include: Basic rhythms (counting, 3- and 4-way coordination), stickings, strike sequences (notation figures, fills), accents/accent dynamics, bass drum and hi-hat (foot) ostinato, hi-hat integration (opening and closing), and the International Drum Rudiments. Both binary and ternary rhythms are included. At home, in the studio, or in the classroom, this is an indispensable tool for all drummers and drum teachers. In easy-to-read large format. Size (inches): 24 x 35.

Product #: mb20213 ..... Chart ....... $8.95 + $3.00 s&h

  Pacific Drums
DW Z5 5-Piece Drum Set with Cymbals
This is the perfect choice for aspiring drummers. This 5-piece PDP drum set features DW's famous F.A.S.T. tom sizes (10 x 8, 12 x 9, and 14 x 12), all-wood construction.

5-Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Features:
  • PDP Drums
  • Bass drum: 16" x 22"
  • Tom toms
  • 10" x 8"
  • 12" x 9"
  • 14" x 12" (with legs)
  • Snare drum: 14" x 5"

  • 13" hi-hat cymbals
  • 16" crash/ride cymbal

    Drum Hardware
  • Hi-Hat stand
  • Snare stand
  • Single pedal
  • Straight cymbal stand

Are you ready to rock? Order now!    $399.99 + $20.00 s&h Item #: 583461

  Nylon 5-Piece Standard Drum Bag Set
Very well made and surprisingly affordable.

The Nylon Standard Drum Bag Set includes quality drum gig bags that are affordable for any drummer. A durable outer nylon shell protects your drums from the elements, and a softer inner material cradles without scratching. These are sewn with heavy-gauge thread to provide durability at stress points, and the extra heavy-duty zippers are protected with zipper covers. Includes 5 sizes: 22" x 18", 12" x 11", 13" x 12", 16" x 16", and 5-1/2" x 14".

Outfit your kit for a song! Order now.
$69.99 + $10.00 s&h  Item #:



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